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Your first step is easy. Simply and conveniently schedule your FREE CONSULTATION* online or call us at . At your free consultation, we will determine your orthodontic needs and help you decide whether Inivisalign Clear Aligners or BRACES are your best option. No matter which option you choose, we are passionate about helping you get your SMILE ON.


At the mention of Invisalign or braces, many people immediately wonder how much treatment will cost. When you consider the long-term benefits of straight teeth and a new smile, our experience has been that you will feel that it is well worth the investment. Because of the time and the work involved, orthodontic procedures may cost several thousands of dollars, like many other medical procedures. Braces or Invisalign can cost anywhere from $3,000-$7,000. Fortunately, there are options for those who need orthodontic treatment but don’t have the funds readily available. We have a specialized software to help in personalizing your orthodontic treatment and payment. This technology allows you to choose and customize your down payment and your monthly payment. Our patients and parents love this technology, as it empowers you to select the options that best fit your budget.

Invisalign Now Costs LESS than Braces

At Ortho South, the cost of Invisalign Clear Aligners is actually LESS than traditional braces. While many providers of Invisalign charge considerably more than braces, we choose to charge less for Invisalign. Due to the benefits of Invisalign over Braces, we wanted to give parents and patients an incentive to choose what we feel is the best option to get your new smile.  We do more cases of Invisalign than anyone in the state of Alabama and we are in top 1% of all doctors that offer Invisalign (we get a price break and we can pass this along to our patients and parents). “Even though my lab cost for Invisalign is much higher than braces,” says Dr. Boggan, “I decided to charge less because I want parents and patients to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Invisalign over braces.”  If you’re a preteen, teen, or adult, your cost for Invisalign will be LESS than braces!

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