Invisalign Teen

Unbrace Your Smile with Clear Confidence

Girl outside and smiling with her confident new invisalign smile

Teens everywhere are discovering how, they too, can UNBRACE their smiles. Invisalign teen straightens your teeth without metal and wires (braces), so you can have the confidence to smile every day, all day! Invisalign is a series of clear, plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into to the correct position over time. You pop a new set of aligners in each week, so you will start seeing improvements immediately. Teens love the fact that Invisalign teen aligners are clear, virtually invisible, smooth and comfortable, removable and easy to clean and eat. Your friends probably won’t even know you’re wearing them!  See How Invisalign Works.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Let us help you find your comfort zone when getting the smile you’ve always dreamed about! Invisalign has no brackets that come loose or to rub your cheeks or lips, and no sharp wires to poke…OUCH! Your new aligners are made of smooth plastic and custome-made to fit comfortably over your teeth. Comfort counts and you can count on us to find the best, most comfortable, innovative products out there…Invisalign teen is perfect!

Guy smiling and showing his new confidence smile thanks to invisalign

Where there is FOOD, Teens want FREEDOM!

Girl enjoying salad with her Invisalign removed

I have never met anyone who wants to be told they can’t eat this or that and with Invisalign teen you never will! The no-no food list for braces is non-existent with Invisalign teen. So you are free to go ahead and pop that gum in your mouth, chomp that popcorn or juicy steak guilt-free! Ummm…tasty! “Hygiene is the biggest problem in most (if not EVERY) orthodontic office with people who have braces. This is not true of Invisalign. All you have to do is simply remove your aligners and brush and floss normally. This is so much easier than trying to angulate your toothbrush just right, getting in between each of the brackets and under the wires. Threading a piece of floss through a series of wires and brackets is difficult and time consuming.  Invisalign makes it super easy to do a great job of cleaning!” Dr. Boggan

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