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From the minute you arrive at our office you will feel right at home. Our staff is dedicated to great service and comfort for you and your family. Dr. Boggan is conservative in his treatment recommendations and will treat you as he would his own family. He is the top provider of Invisalign in the state of Alabama and in the top 1 percent of all providers worldwide. We only use state of the art equipment and treatment mechanics providing the most comfortable, timely and desirable results possible.

We have a variety of convenient payment options. Many dental insurance plans now include orthodontic benefits. We have low or NO DOWN PAYMENT options and payments as low as $99/month.

Phase I treatment, if necessary, is usually initiated on children between the ages of 7 and 10. This phase of treatment usually lasts about 12-15 months. The primary objective for Phase I treatment is to address significant dental or skeletal problems which are corrected easier or that can only be corrected at an early age. Phase I treatment can fully correct these problems and/or prevent them from becoming more severe. It can also help to improve self esteem and self confidence.

It’s never too late! Approximately 30% of our practice are adults. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Orthodontic treatment can restore good function. And teeth that work better usually look better, too. A healthy, beautiful smile can improve self-esteem, no matter the age. We have had patients seek and undergo orthodontic treatment well beyond their 70s. Adults love the results they receive and are always extremely happy that they didn’t delay their new smile any longer.

Yes, if you have orthodontic coverage. Orthodontic insurance is an additional “rider” on dental insurance. If you have orthodontic insurance, you are provided with a lifetime maximum benefit per eligible family member. Orthodontic insurance benefits are normally paid throughout the treatment time since orthodontics is a continuing treatment.

With most insurance companies you will still receive your orthodontic benefits at our office even if we are not a provider for your insurance company and if we do not appear on your provider list. Feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to check for you.

Most people have some discomfort after their braces are first put on or when adjusted throughout treatment. After the braces are on, teeth may become sore and may be tender to biting pressures for a couple of days. We will advise you what, if any, pain relievers to take. Overall, orthodontic discomfort is short-lived and easily managed. Once patients have become accustomed to their braces, they may even forget they have them on.

We have a great solution for you – Invisalign! If you are a candidate for Invisalign we always recommend it. Many of our Invisalign patients have told us that their dentists or other orthodontic offices have told them that they are not a candidate for Invisalign. Come see us and we are likely to be able to take care of your orthodontic needs without traditional braces. If you are not a candidate for Invisalign, braces may be bonded behind the teeth (lingual braces or invisible braces). Some of today’s wires are made of “space age” materials that exert a steady, gentle pressure on the teeth, so that the tooth-moving process may be faster and more comfortable for patients.

Here are the most common questions that we will cover during the initial examination:
-Is there an orthodontic problem and if so, what is it?
-What must be done to correct the problem?
-How long will the treatment take to complete?
-What are my options for payment?
*Note: According to your financial situation we offer personalized treatment fee options. We also offer no down payment options. We accept all orthodontic insurance benefits and will be happy to file it for you.

If you have been considering the many benefits of orthodontic treatment, simply call our office, fill out our contact form, or request an appointment online. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

Yes. Patients with braces must be careful to avoid hard, sticky, chewy and crunchy foods, or hard objects, such as pens, pencils or fingernails. Keeping the teeth and braces clean requires more precision and time, and must be done every day if the teeth and gums are to be healthy during and after orthodontic treatment. Clean, healthy teeth move more quickly. After the braces are placed we will provide extensive instructions on how to care for the braces make sure you understand your role in the process.

Yes. But wearing a protective mouth guard is advised while riding a bike, skating, or playing any contact sports, whether organized sports or a neighborhood game. Let us know if you need a mouthguard and we will be happy to provide one for you.

Playing some musical instruments will require adaptation to braces. With practice and a period of adjustment, braces typically do not interfere.

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